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Alayne Aikens Staff Photo

Bachelor of Arts in British and American Literature, University of South Florida

Teaching Certificates:  Language Arts and Reading 4-8, 8-12; Composite Social Studies 4-8, 8-12;                                            Theater Arts EC-12


Prior to joining Wolfe City High School, I taught at Caddo Mills High School for six years.  During my time there, I had the opportunity to teach English I and II, World History, and U.S. Government and Economics.  


My Educational Philosophy:

When I first started teaching, my educational philosophy was filled with idealistic notions of fostering a student's curiosity and independence to create life-long learners.  While this admirable goal still anchors my philosophy, it has been tempered with the realization that independent thought has been greatly impaired by the growing impact of today's media, particularly social media.  A perusal of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and their readers' comments clearly illustrates that teachers need to emphasize the importance of critical thinking and primary source research.  Students need to learn to question everything they read and view in the world. They need to understand the difference between fact and opinion.  They need to understand that an excerpt taken out of context is manipulation.  Only through questioning and research that employs primary sources can students truly grasp a concept and form an educated opinion.  Never before in the history of our country has an education that centers on developing critical thinking skills been so crucial.  I still want to foster a love of the written word, both the student's own writing and the writing of respected authors, but more than ever, I want to instill in my students a love of truth and a love for the questioning and research required for uncovering the truth.